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Oscar Koveleski

At an age that most people are enjoying retirement, Oscar Koveleski is just getting started. Promoting his KidRacer project, Oscar Koveleski is working to provide the most advanced, highest quality children's race car available on the market today.

Best known for creating Auto World in 1958, Oscar Koveleski became the man about slot cars, model cars, and radio control cars and remained so for over 30 years. Still remembered for his annual Auto World Catalogs, Oscar promoted slot car, model car, and RC car events all over the United States, and even Internationally.

Instrumental in getting the Can Am Racing Series off the ground, Oscar made his "Car 54' an icon, more recognized than any other Can Am car. With it's slot car track graphics, and later it's Jerobee sponsorship, the number 54 will always be associated with Oscar Koveleski.

Oscar is also active in the rebirth of the PRDA, the Polish Racing Drivers of America. Promoting the PRDA at every major event across the United States, Oscar is not only the Founding President, but an avid embassador to Polish Racing Drivers everywhere.

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